Getting Top Dollar

Greg Garrett gets TOP DOLLAR for his sellers through the following methods:

Greg successfully matches the right family with the right home because of the hundreds of qualified buyers in his database. This results in buyers willing to pay the asking price and sometimes much more, which gets you TOP DOLLAR.

Contract Clauses
Buying or selling a home is unbelievably more complicated than ever before. Greg uses his vast knowledge of contract clauses to protect you, such as “this contract is not subject to an appraisal” etc., ensuring that you get TOP DOLLAR for your home.

His Negotiating Skills
As a masterful negotiator, Greg has skillfully handled thousands of successful real estate sale. With over 27 years experience, his expert guidance allows sellers to maximize their leverage and get TOP DOLLAR for their home.

Multiple Contracts/Bidding Up
Greg’s “matching” and unique marketing strategies increase the chances multiple buyers will want to purchase the same home. Since more than one person is interested in the home the buyers try to outbid each other which results in the seller receiving TOP DOLLAR.

Greg’s experience and these proven techniques virtually guarantee you will receive a higher sales prices than any comparable property that has ever been sold in your neighborhood.


Greg Garrett

Greg Garrett