Seven Costly Mistakes

The seven costly mistakes that home sellers are making in today’s changing market are:

#1 Spending too much money fixing up their home with no payback
Rely on an expert to assist you in determining what will be the most cost-effective and appealing renovations to potential buyers.

#2 Waiting too long to put their home on the market
With today’s dynamic real estate market, it is important to put your home on the market without missing out on a golden opportunity.

#3 Trying to sell their home “AS IS”
Selling your home “AS IS” can turn away potential buyers.

#4 Listing their home with a semi-experienced friend who has a real estate license
It is more important for you to go through an experienced real estate agent. Not only to maximize your profit, but also to be a professional guide through the selling process.

#5 Asking too much
A knowledgeable real estate agent can assist you in determining the right asking price for your home, based on specific goals.

#6 Listing their home with the agent that gives them the highest estimate of value
Although it is tempting to list your home with the real estate agent who promises you the most return, there are many other factors involved in choosing the agent that is right for you.

#7 Trying to sell their home themselves, thinking they will actually net more money
Many people believe that they can save money by not going through a real estate agent when selling their home. However, an experienced real estate agent has access to advertising, MLS and potential buyers that help in selling your home faster and for top dollar.


Greg Garrett

Greg Garrett