Jamie and Denny McDevitt (Col USAF)

We have used Greg Garrett as our realtor several times. Our first assignment at Langley AFB was in 1998 and a friend of ours referred us to Greg telling us that he would be the perfect realtor for us. Greg helped my husband purchase a house…without me even seeing it. When we had a few issues after we moved into the house (it was new construction)…Greg reached out to the builder and sent him out to fix the problems. A few years later when we moved overseas – Greg sold this house for our asking price.

In 2000, Greg asked us if we would like to invest in some properties that his property management company could manage for us. We were looking for a way to diversify our investment portfolio. He and his companies made it very easy for us to select, buy, finance, rent and maintain the investment properties and this was extremely important since we received orders to move overseas. In the 7 years that Greg’s company managed our investment properties we never experienced any “empty time” between renters…except the time we needed to clean and ready the rental for new renters…(his company managed all cleanup/fix up in between the renters).

In 2006, we moved back to Langley and he helped us select the home in which we plan to spend the rest of our lives. This was the first time that we told Greg that he didn’t have to find us a home that would have high resale characteristics in case we moved in 2-3 years….it just needed to meet our needs…it was so nice to say “This is it – we are staying and we love our house”.

Greg also listed and sold all of the investment properties that he had helped us acquire in early 2000 (w/multiple offers on many of them). We sold all 7 within a year of moving back to Virginia in 2006/2007.

Finally, it has been our pleasure to recommend Greg to our friends….especially those whom had signed with other realtors and had a difficult time selling their houses (as far away from Hampton Roads as Williamsburg). Our friends have thanked us continually for referring them to Greg who sold their homes very quickly after listing them. Greg brings us peace of mind….he has continually brought us reassurance and peace at very stressful moving times in our lives…this is exactly what we needed…we have been able to focus on our 3 kids, jobs, and life’s activities in each new place…with no concerns about the buying or selling of houses.


Greg Garrett

Greg Garrett